Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today Marks U.S. Release of Jáchym Topol’s The Devil’s Workshop

As of today, Alex Zucker’s translation of Jáchym Topol’s The Devil’s Workshop (Portobello Books), winner of the 2013 English PEN Award for Writing in Translation, is available in the United States. Order a copy from your local bookstore now, via IndieBound.

Jáchym Topol, 2007. Photo: Karel Cudlín.

Here are the most important reviews of the book so far, since its release June 6 in the UK:
  • “The Irresistible Heart of Darkness: Jáchym Topol and the Devil to Pay,” The Quarterly Conversation, by Madeleine La Rue. A review of all of Topol’s novels published in English so far: The Devil’s Workshop (2013), Gargling With Tar (2010), and City Sister Silver (2000). (His novella A Trip to the Train Station is also available in English, in a 2011 reissue.) Favorite quote: “[Topol’s] restlessness lends speed and urgency to the surface of his writing. His texts are a series of flashes before a vague storm; his characters spend their lives reeling from their thrownness in the world.”
  • “‘Horrible, repelling, unusual, and very very good’ – The Devil’s Workshop by Jáchym Topol,” Bookmunch, by Lucy Chatburn. Favorite quote: It’s in the title.
  • “The Devil’s Workshop by Jáchym Topol – review,” The Guardian, by Jane Housham. Favorite quote: “. . . the humour turns so treacly black it almost chokes you.”
We’re eager to read what U.S. reviewers have to say.

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